FOCUS inspired Academy - Education NOT school

Create your career purpose. Elevate your job, career and life!

Why join the FOCUS inspired Academy?

You go to the doctor for your physical health. Perhaps a therapist for your mental health. When was the last time you took a look at your career health?

The FOCUS inspired Academy is the Gym for your Career Confidence!


  • Group Coaching: Bring your challenges and successes. Get help and celebrate together! Join when you can. Be on the hot seat. Share your challenges, wins and suggestions for others!
    • "Office Hours" Meeting Bi-weekly Mon at 5:30 PM ET and Thu at 12 PM ET
    • Additional Meetings for Side Hustles, Interview, Networking, Applications on alternating weeks. 
  • E-Learning: Current courses
    • Effective Job Search: Includes (The Art and Science of Networking)
    • Student Career Confidence: For students, though helpful for most professionals (especially if you didn't do so well in school)
    • Discover Your Purpose: Exercises to help you find and create your purpose
  • Text messaging to coaches: Using MightyNetworks
  • Tech Access to ($240 USD/year value), SkipRound ($29CAD/month value)
  • Other Gym access: ThriveFaster Networking Gym ($47 CAD/month value) 
  • Access to a supportive Community!


Join, especially if you are: 

  • An immigrant (or child of immigrant - this one is me) in Canada
  • Interested in something in business or technology (that's me too)
  • A Young professional (18-35) who landed the job they *thought* they wanted but not happy or fulfilled
  • A bootcamp or computer science/tech program recent grad and are looking to land your first job
  • A university student looking to figure out what you want to do with your life
  • Too comfortable being comfortable
  • Living a career and life that is a 6/10
  • Needing help to start a side hustle
  • Stuck in what you're doing

The community provides everything that you need for a successful career. We have "gyms" for each area to help you put knowledge into practice and turn practice into improvement and results. 

  • Career: For those in their career and looking to accelerate and grow their soft-skills and even start a "side hustle" with like minded people. 
  • Job-Search: For those looking for their next opportunity and need help with their applications (resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profile), interview practice, and networking.
  • Life: For those that are looking for a more purposeful and fulfilling career and a special one for students that are in their final year/term or are setting themselves up for graduation. 

Recurring Event Schedule

Here is the current event schedule for recurring events. 

Additional events are added on a monthly basis. 

Look here for the live event listings: 

Choose a package that suits you!

  • Lobby: Get a taste of the community and access to our new and public events
  • Student Success Confidence Gym: For students and young professionals at a student discounted price!
  • FULL Access: Everything that a young or experienced professional needs to be success in their career and life!
  • COURSES: if you just want the courses, access them for a one time price!
    • DYP: Discover Your Purpose
    • SCC: Student Career Confidence

Join us to unlock your career potential!